Monday, January 9, 2017

Free Markets Messiahism - Why the LOVE OF God is the LOVE OF MONEY

Why do so many Conservatives and Corporate interests like the Kock brothers seem so completely indifferent to the warnings of scientists and climatologists about the apocalyptic consequences of pursuing that "root of all evil" called the profit motive?

One the one hand, it is because they are trapped inside of the insanity of their belief. That insanity is an asylum of religious conviction that that God, or the "invisible hand" of the free markets (which are often really the same thing, as far as they are concerned) is always guiding and protecting their every move, and always to their benefit for believing in God or the system they've created.

When Dostoevsky quipped in The Brothers Karamazov that the last thing people want is freedom, and when C.S. Lewis argued in The Great Divorce, that people cannot accept reality for what it actually is, but only want for what they want to believe it to be, they were both talking about how people prefer a simply lie to having to confront a complex truth.

So rather than accept that our religions have been seduced by the apple of greed that the serpent of a free market system has offered them, rather than accept that we are the demons we fear and not the angels we tell ourselves we really are, we reduce the complexities of the world around us to black white, binary fictions about God and the devil, about good and evil, with us always being supported by the former, and anyone who opposes us being motivated by the latter.

Welcome to a world of lies, where the last thing anyone really wants - is truth. Especially all of those who claim to be selling it, for their gods, and their religions, and the ungodly power and fortunes that they gain by preaching the gospels of a powerless penniless Christ. Welcome to the age where Free Market Messiahism provides the world with nothing by armies of false prophets.

On the other hand, the reason Cons and Koch's subscribe to the belief that the "love of money" will save humanity from all of its worst evils, is because their actually believe that if such a golden calf can make Goldman Sachs richer than the Pharaohs, than it can surely save humanity from devouring itself.

Like the snake that eats it's own tail, the Ouroboros, humanity is slowing devouring itself under the secular religion of economics. The capitalist strain of this secular religion, much like it's other variations, has but a single gospel commandment - LOVE MONEY! And through this unquestionable LOVE OF MONEY, "all good things come."

God is Money, to those who worship the golden calf of the gold standard, and of the belief that "the free markets" will always provide the incentives and the genius to solve the problems humanity creates. And if it does not, it is only because God has withdrawn his love and protection from the world, as he did with the flood.

But why would he do that? Certainly not because of an entire economic system that runs on the LOVE OF MONEY, that "the money lenders" everywhere  preach in their "temple" houses as the greatest economic virtue that the good God of greed ever sought to bestow upon undeserving human miscreants - a LOVE that enslaves, and commits genocides by the millions, that starts wars for power and ever more money, that slaughters humanity and every other species by the untold millions, for both God and governments, for religion and atheism and everything else in between - No, not for any of that.

The REAL problem with the world is homosexuals. Who is fucking who, that's what God cares about. The real problem is atheists, that's what God's so pissed off about. Those simple minded twats who just can't seem to accept and believe that a God, who is homicidal enough to drown nearly everyone on the planet and then has the descendants of the few who happened to survive brutally murder his own son, is really a "loving, caring, benevolent "perfect father figure," and not a pyscho who makes every serial killer who ever lived look like Mother Theresa.  

Ya see, greed is God, and all we have to do is worship the LOVE OF MONEY found in the profit motive, and we will always find a new Moses and a new Messiah who will save us from all of the evil that Gods, religions, governments, economics, and humanity as a who, does for the LOVE OF MONEY.

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