Monday, January 16, 2017

Socialism: The Boogey Man and the Number of the Beast

Conservatives are convinced that "the communists are coming, the communists are coming!" From Andrew Brietbart and the alt right crowd, to gun lovers and bible thumping Christians in American's heartland, fear is used to prod true believers to support the very "new world order" they fear the most.

Basically, it works like this. Communism and socialism are seen by Conservative Christians as instruments of the devil, responsible for the murder of roughly 100 million people in the 20th century alone. As such, anything that in anyway sounds or smells like "socialism" is to be feared as much as Satan himself. Basically, all you have to do is simply SAY something is "socialism," and Conservative Christians immediately start thinking that govt will soon by sending us to concentration camps and pushing people into ovens.

This irrational fear, coupled with the insanity to believe that "the profit motive" of "capitalism" is practically the same thing as "the divine providence" of Christ himself (yes, it's insane, but some Christians actually think God is a die hard capitalist), leads such irrational Christians to support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, for example, because they see it as pure socialism. It isn't, of course, but Conservatives have been programed to ignore any attempt to explain why they are wrong about this.

For the die hard Conservative Capitalist, socialism amounts to Nazism, but with a focus on killing Christians. Hence, anything even remotely socialism must be opposed. This means that all unions are evil, since unions are only out for themselves, of course. It also means that ANYONE who dares to suggest that "climate change" is real, that humans are causing it, and that we must do something about it to save people's live, they must only be duped fools who have been brainwashed by Liberal media propaganda. Because EVERYONE knows that God would NEVER allow man made climate change to result from man's unbridled greed for ever more power and profit. No, Never! Ever!


It apparently never occurs to these die hard Christians that they are being lied to by the corporations who own the govt they are programmed to be so afraid of, and that by  blaming the gov't they are simply allowing the real power behind the gov't, to continue to make trillions of dollars every year, even as they literally kill countless millions of people every year, in every way imaginable. 

It's no wonder that, to so many atheists, Conservative Christians only actually serve the Moloch of money as their only true messiah. Just ask Joel Olsteen.

And now comes the beast foretold of in the Christian Bible of Revelations, who Christians worship as their only messiah and savior from the evil socialists. Yet he does not ride upon an ass to reign over his earthly kingdoms (as the devil tempted Christ with in the desert), because he is an ass. And Christians waive their tax returns as they cry to him "save us Lord of gold and wealth, save us Lord of war and wall street, save us oh dear Lord of us from the atheists and the socialists!"

All hail Damien Thorne, billionaire lover of the poor, the gold plated God of the profit motive. All hail the number of the beast. 

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