Thursday, January 19, 2017

Republican Rwanda: The Divided States of America

If you watched the Frontline two part special on the Obama presidency, you may have noticed the parallels between what is being done in America by Republicans and what happened in Rwanda prior to the genocide in 1994. That parallel is right wing propaganda being used to sow the seeds of fear and rage based purely on lies.

Leading up to the genocide in 1994, in both churches and on radios in Rwanda,  a massive propaganda war was being waged as misinformation was used to intentionally sow the seeds of fear and rage in the Hutu majority. Like America today, that fear and rage came from a concerted effort, by both Christian churches and talk show radio hosts, to convince the Hutus that the Tutsis where about to take power in Rwanda, and enact policies that would result in the oppression and even murder of Hutus.

That fear spread like a virus across the minds of the Hutu majority in the days leading up to the genocide. And when the plane carrying both the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi crashed, the Tutsi were blamed, and the genocide began shortly thereafter as a reprisal.

In America today, the exact same thing is happening.

In Divided States of America, the elephant that the show never mentions is how the attacks on Obama had very little to do with him being black or a democrat, and everything to do with spreading fear and rage.

If a Republican president had been in power when the banks sabotaged the global economy, they would most likely have pushed for the same bailouts that Obama pushed for. After all,  as everyone knows, America is run by Government Sachs.

But Conservative talk show hosts looking to increase their listener base, from Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, used Obama's attempt to save the financial institutions that run the world to spread hated and fear, by deliberately mischaracterizing Liberals and Democrats as communists, fascists, and Marxists, who are all out to destroy the world and install a New World Order.

That any president - whether Republican or Democrat - would've done the exact same thing is not only completely irrelevant, but is vehemently denied by those who get paid massive amounts of money to enrage their audience by selling the lie that Marxist democrats should be feared more than the KKK or the religious/alt-right.

Fear of extremists on all sides of the political spectrum has always been used to gain power and audience market share. If Obama had NOT bailed out the banks, he still would've been tarred and feathered by conservative pundits as a Marxist Socialist Muslim who is hell bent on destroying America.   That's why it is so ironic that Conservatives now applaud Trump as their capitalist messiah, even though Trump has admitted that the Russians (the REAL Marxist Socialists) helped him to win the presidency of the United States.

In short - our greatest enemy is NOT each other, but all those who are paid handsomely to convince us otherwise.

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