Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trumpazuzu: The Demon from the Exorcist

Here is an obscure movie reference that I am sure no one else remembers.

If you watch the clip from The Exorcist where Regan and her mom are in the basement playing with the Ouija board, you'll notice the ceramic bird sitting on the washing machine. That bird is used more than once in the movie, but in a very subtle way, to denote how Regan sees Captain Howdy.

Captain Howdy is the name Regan gives to the demon she is communicating with via the Ouija board, that eventually possess her. The demon's real name, we learn from the beginning of the film, is Pazuzu.

  I refer to Trump as "Trumpazuzu," because the bird in that scene is orange with a yellow tuft of hair, and because the most argent believers in Trump are practically possessed by the idea that he is their free market messiah, even though he has appointed all of the same Goldman Sachs people that he condemned Hilary for even associating with.

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