Monday, January 23, 2017

Bloody Monday: The Lie of Pro-Life Republicans

Today, Donald Trump signed the Global Gag Rule, which denies aid to any country that provides abortion services. In doing so, Drumpf ensures a dramatic increase in the number of unborn children that will be murdered through abortion, while also increasing the number of women who are harmed from such services. And he will do all of this under the ruse of morality, much to the fan fare of his sheepish Christian supporters, to enrich the money lenders in their temples, and the private healthcare providers.

If you identify yourself as "pro-life," there is a good chance that that is the only issue you use to determine how you vote. Hence, you probably vote Republican.  But even though this is the ONLY issue upon which many Conservative Christians vote, they have no idea that their attempts to stop abortions are actually only increasing the number of abortions.

To use a line from The Usual Suspects, one of the biggest tricks the Republican party ever pulled was convincing well meaning pro-lifers that it actually cared about saving lives - it doesn't. But being the masters of salesmanship that they are, they have succeeded in convincing gullible throngs of people into believing it was doing God's work, even as it was making billions by murdering increasing numbers of children around the world.

The "baby killing Democratic party," as I've often heard them called, actually saves more babies than the "pro-life" Republican party, and in more ways than one. Ya see, the Republican party works mostly for private healthcare companies and private weapons contractors, which means they work to decrease gov't subsidization for welfare and healthcare for the poor (so as to force the poor to have to pay the inflated rates charged by private healthcare insurance companies), while always increasing the amount of money it spends on military contractors from Lockheed Martin to Blackwater.   

The Republicans are "pro-life" in name only, however, as could be seen when Madeline Albright was asked about how she felt about the half million children that had died in Iraq as a result of sanctions, she responded, "We think the price is worth. it." The "price" she was talking about, was the price of securing Iraq's oil fields in order to stabilize America's petro dollars. Besides that, Republicans are pro-war, pro-guns, pro-drone strikes, pro-welfare cuts, pro-healthcare cuts, pro-capital punishment, pro-torture, pro-corporatacy,  (which Mussolini defined as the simplest and truest definition of fascism) which is contributing to war, famines, conflict, starvation, and destruction of the planet, and all while only seeking to INCREASE the amount of money America spends on "defense" (i.e. war).

Of course, Republicans will insist that they hold the moral high ground on this issue, even as so many of them choose to remain blissfully ignorant of how their own "pro-life" laws and policies only result in increasing the number of abortions being performed. But who cares about that? As long as they "feel" like they are doing the right thing, God will give them a free pass into heaven. After all, ignorance is always the best way to insulate oneself from having to accept responsibility.

Republicans do not worship Life, they worship Lies, they worship Moloch, in other words, and for the love of money, they would hurl the whole world into the fires of Gehenna. 


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