Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LevinTV: Goebbels of the Republican Reich and the coming Purge

Conservatives are being deliberately whipped into a frothy hatred for anything that looks, thinks, or smells different from them. But what's really impressive is how.

Despite the fact that the alt-right crowd and the KKK both got their man Drumpf into office, that doesn't mean they don't have plenty to be angry about. Indeed, Hitler winning power in Germany certainly did nothing to defuse the anti-Semitism that was growing at the time. Instead, it only concentrated it. When people get angry, they tend to get angrier before they ever calm down. Just look at the Civil War, for example.

So how are Conservatives whipping up and propagandizing their loyal Right Wingers? People like Mark Levin, who proudly boast about their "patriotism" (Isn't pride supposedly a sin? Was Jesus "proud" of being Jewish?), claim they are defending their country while they are making a lot of money spreading nothing but lies. Lies, lies, and more lies. That's how capitalism works best after all, not by telling people the truth about, say, politicians or tobacco or Monsanto or anything else, but by telling people all the lies they are willing to pay to hear. And Levin is better than even Goebbels at this.

What Levin does is quite simple, but brilliant (in a way): He simply attributes any bad press that Der Donald gets to Hilary Clinton. How? Simple. Levin says, "the only reason Trump is being attacked so viciously in the media is because he is NOT Hilary Clinton."

These claims actually possess the Trumpazuzu crowd (Pazuzu was the name of the demon in William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist, btw) with a growing rage at all things they perceive to be a threat to their guns, their masculinity, their Christianity, their patriotism, their fanaticism, and their "freedom" (but only to tell OTHERS how to live, not to be TOLD how to play nice with others, of course).

Mind you, most of the people who voted for Trumpazuzu are NOT practically possessed by  such bold face lies, but, like that minority of hardcore supporters of Hitler, the militant minority who are blind with rage for all things "America" (whatever the hell they mean by that) are being told that Trump is as much a victim as they feel that they are.

So even though HRC has hardly said a word after her devastating loss to Trump,  the propagandists on the Right are still milking her for everything they can get their blood hungry Trumpians to buy.

It's not that Trump has lied about everything, blatantly, or that his appointments are the same Goldman Sachs people that HRC would've likely appointed. It doesn't matter if he conspired to force Comey to reopen the investigations about HRC right before the election, or that he may have colluded with Russia to hack the election, or even that he may be simply a Putin puppet in the white house!

No! If ANYONE one dares to utter a single criticism of Der Donald, Levin and his propagandists on the right scream "It's because he is not Hilary Clinton!" And those who want an excuse to butcher people in the streets (like the Hutus in Rwanda) for their God and for their country, are only getting angrier and angrier.

And soon there will be blood in the streets. The Purge is coming to Keep American Great.

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