Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump: Rise of the Anti-Christ

I am an atheist, so I do not believe in the Christian conception of the "anti-Christ" as being Damien Thorne, the actual son of Satan, anymore than I believe that the Jesus figure was real, or the son of "the one true God."

I do, however, believe that Christ is an archetypal figure who embodies the rebellious nature we saw in Moses, Lucifer, Martin Luther, Adam and Eve, James Dean, John Lennon, and countless others who have challenged the rules and norms of their given day, especially when those rules and norms result in so much suffering of the many to the great financial benefit of the few.  Christ, in other words, is a person who dares to defy the powerful, and point out that the emperor has no clothes.

 The anti-Christ, in contrast, is simply anyone who thus chooses to support the ethos of the day that benefits the rich minority at the expense of the poor majority.

In the days of Christ, Judas and the Sanhedrin more generally, were "anti" Christ; the Christians who burned witches and held Inquisitions were "anti" Christ; indeed, anyone who has ever defended the letter of the law above the spirit of the law, or who has ever failed to practice that admonishment of Christ that "the law was made to serve man, not man to serve the law," is in fact the opposite of Christ, and thus an "anti" Christ figure.

In short, anyone who has understood and tried to fulfill the compassion found in the beatitudes (by fighting for healthcare for 20 million people for example) is a kind of "Christ," while anyone who fights to deny healthcare for 20 million people, (and all to save themselves 30 pieces of silver in their tax returns and thwart their own fears of a New World Order founded on their irrational fears about socialism and communism - all of which have been carefully crafted by the rich and the powerful for the express purpose of using people's fears to enrich themselves) is an "anti" Christ.

Hence, Donald Trump and the Republicans who worship the golden calf of Goldman Sachs, who praise the money lenders and condemn those who seek to feed the hungry, and clothe the naked, and provide medical attention to the sick and the dying, are ANTI- Christs!

Just because they call themselves "pro-life," even though they (along with the vast majority of "pro-Choice" democratic politicians) support a war economy run on petro dollars, does not change the fact that they are worshiping the Moloch of money as their messiah, and sacrificing kids who die in their wars for power, and murdering the planet and the future, so they can have it all right now.     

To fight for “pro life” in a country that continually seeks to cut spending on every social program that helps people survive - from food and healthcare services to social security benefits to retirement plans for public service employees, to education and everything else - that continually ratchets up the amount of money it spends on treating addicts like criminals to enrich private prison owners at tax payers expense; engages in ever more phony wars around the world for multinational corporations, to the benefit of the oil, banking, and defense industries at tax payer expense; and enriches the military industrial complex and global financial industries that live exclusively off the labors of others (and much of it made through the murder committed through bogus wars) while doing NO WORK AT ALL and producing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the economy,  is like saying you care about clean water by fighting to sanitize what you flush in your own toilet while defending the very companies that are getting rich by selling you bottled water because they are polluting the oceans and everything else. 

True believers have always believed that whoever their chosen messiah of the day may be, from Hitler to Herod to Trump to Moloch, could walk on water and do no wrong. And the murder of the millions who will be denied healthcare by "pro-life" Republicans proves that murder is only wrong when it is NOT done for 30 pieces of silver. At least the Nazi's planed to kill out of a completely irrational fear and hatred, and to do it quickly, while the Republicans are doing it by letting people die slow agonizing deaths, and for no other reason than to enrich the Healthcare Insurance companies who have already listed record profits over the past several years.

 All Hail Moloch! All Hail the Profit Motive! All Hail our lord and savior Donald "666" Drumpf! The Golden Calf of our lust for Greed! For War and Money are our only Gods! All Hail Donald Trump - The Antichrist: King of the Ruse!

And to all those who want healthcare, who need healthcare - America's Republicans cry out: "Crucify them!!"

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