Saturday, January 28, 2017

Truth vs Beliefs: Why Being Pro-Choice is Being Pro-Life

There is no doubt that the majority of people who define themselves as "pro-life" believe that the unborn are "human beings" that are murdered by abortion. And the later in the pregnancy the abortion is performed, the more horrible the act of murder is committed. But what these "pro-lifers" don't realize is that their own actions are often the very thing that contributes the most to sometimes increasing the number of abortions performed per year, and even worse, specifically  increasing the number of late term abortions performed per year.

To mention this fact to a "pro-lifer," however, is like trying to explain to members of Joel Olsteen's church that they are only worshiping money, or trying to explain the most ardent supporters of Donald Trump that they are only giving more power to the very New World Order they think they and Donald Trump oppose. It just doesn't make any sense to them.

After all, everyone knows that people who have and support abortion are Liberal Democrats and atheists, and lazy people who want government to take care of them from cradle to grave, most of whom tend toward immorality because they fail to believe in God. Or, at the very least, those who are "pro-Choice" are femin-Nazi's (as Rush Limbaugh calls them), or people who simply refuse to take responsibility for their own selfish sexual exploits, or those who pretend to champion "women's rights" just so they can turn a profit through terminating the lives of the unborn.  

 But all of these "beliefs" about "pro-Choice" Liberals, and "baby killing" Democrats (as some people in my own family have so affectionately referred to them), are not necessarily true. Instead, ironically enough, some of these accusations are actually more true of the majority of those in the "pro-life" movement. And what's even worse is that some of the people who define themselves as "pro-life" and support pro-life laws and politicians, actually only do so to both increase abortions (especially later term abortions) and the inevitable medical complications that arise from the increasing number of later term abortions that are performed when abortion is outlawed.

And this is the problem between "truth" and a "belief."

You see, a "belief" just wants to "believe" in itself, which is why it colors our perceptions and predisposes our biases to always confirm it. But simply letting our "confirmation bias" confirm our "beliefs," and often simply because doing so gives us a euphoric high from our own endorphins, is not to see the truth, it is to simply "feel" that our belief is true. It is, in other words, to succumb to the idea that "something that feels this right, can't possibly be wrong." But it can.

Studies show that abortion rates in America, for example, did not increase dramatically after Roe v Wade legalized abortion in America in 1973. Instead, the abortion rate in America before and after than famous landmark case remained around 1.2 million per year. Studies also show that abortion rates often either stay the same in counties where abortion has been outlawed, or actually increase.    

Yet politicians prey upon the moral sensibilities of their constituents by convincing them that they are doing God's work by saving babies, by voting "pro-life," even as their votes may only be ensuring that more abortions will be performed, much to the profitable benefit of those who fund such services.

This should not be a surprise. John D. Rockefeller convinced Christians across America in the 1920s that alcohol was the devil's drink, just so he could drive his competitors who were creating cars that ran on ethanol, out of business. Bootleggers then sought to convince people of the evils of alcohol thereafter as well, in order to keep it illegal, just so they could maintain their monopoly. We see a similar parrallel today in the War on Drugs.

Today, even the Correction Corporation of American spends tons of money lobbying congress and trying to convince people that crime is the result of drugs, so they can continue to reap ever growing profits by always increasing the numbers of prisoners in their prisons, and for ever longer prison sentences; and all at ever greater expense to the American tax payer. (As an ancillary benefit, they get to farm those inmates out to corporations as extremely cheap labor, even as they complain that it's immigrants, not their inmates, that taking jobs from American workers.)

They do this, despite studies that show that most of the violence associated with drugs is actually caused mostly by the War on Drugs.

 It should not be surprising, therefore, that morality is the easiest thing to sell, and that people will willingly pay any amount of money to obtain it.  From churches who promise salvation and righteousness, to politicians and prison corporations who promise to save us all from the terrorists, drugs, and criminals they only create, to Pro Life political parties who boast of wanting only to save unborn babies, the real reason why such claims are made always comes down to how easy it is to make money and obtain power by convincing people that your efforts are always for the highest moral reasons.

Then again, genocide from the Old Testament to the Ottomans, and from native Americans to Jews in Germany, have always been carried out in the name of God and for the highest moral reasons.  So it should come as no surprise to anyone, that abortion is any different.  After all, even the Nazi's were "pro-life."


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