Tuesday, January 10, 2017

God & Morality in a Multiverse

People who believe in God often rely on arguments about the nature of free will, evil, and morality to support their claim that their particular idea of "God" is true. But in a multiverse, where our universe is simply one universe in a potentially infinite number of universes, all of these arguments prove completely meaningless.

If evil and free will are necessary aspects of our universe that point to a universal morality that comes from God, as so many Christian theologians often argue, than what are we to make of the possibility of an infinite number of other universes that may exist, where no such free will or evil may exist at all?  

Indeed, all of the aspects of this universe that Christians rely on as evidence of an "intelligent designer," may only exist in their present form in this universe alone. Hence other possible universes may not only be perfect replica's of our own where every possible outcome is played out into ad infinitum, but where infinitely more universes  may also exist where the properties of this universe are slightly to completely different.

By this measure, if we are born into this world to "learn" some things before going to hell or heaven  would suggest that we may then need to be born into an infinite number of such universes as well, even those universes where all of the properties of time and space, and indeed right and wrong, cause and effect, are complete reversed.

In short, our universe may be like a single cell in an ever growing body of universes, where none of the cells is governed by the same DNA as any other, including our own minds. In such a world, God is not simply a reflection of what neuroscientists call our own personal and subjective reality tunnels, which no two people can share nor can any single person fully appreciate of another, but is simply a product of a mind that is itself nothing but a super computer reflecting it's environment.

Change the environment, change the God, the same way that changing where we were born would change what religion we are convinced is the "one true faith."

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